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2. Background


The first Graduate Program at the National University of Management was found since 1999 under cooperation with the University Utara Malaysia (UUM), which is a State sponsored university located in Northern Malaysia. The program was conducted in English in specialization of Business Management. From 2003, the School of Graduate Studies was officially established by the Ministry of Education, Youth and Sport. The Master’s programs offered two majors: Management and Finance. In 2004, the doctoral program was offered in the degree of Doctor of Business Administration (DBA). Until now, more than five thousands master students were graduated from NUM and around hundred doctoral students were doing their researches. To meet the needs of regional and global labor markets, the NUM School of Graduate Studies plan to offer more specialized majors in Information Technology, Marketing, Accounting, Economics, Public Administration and Tourism.  In this academic year, the School of Graduate Studies will also promote International Programs in the major of International Business and Business Law and Ph.D. programs in Management, Finance, Economics, Tourism, Marketing and Entrepreneurship.