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I. Introduction

The National University of Management is committed to improving the quality of business and management for the twenty-first century by advancing knowledge through original applied research, original theoretical research and creating a stimulating teaching-learning environment. The doctoral programs at the National University of Management normally require three years of intensive study beyond the master's degree. All doctoral students are required to demonstrate competence in scholarly research. The PhD and the DBA are both research-based degrees. Since the doctoral programs focus on developing competent scholars, heavy emphasis is placed on the development of both teaching and researching skills. Students are expected to work closely with faculty members whose interests are similar to their own.

II. Admission Requirements

To meet the Degree of Doctor of Business Administration (DBA) or the Doctor of Philosophy (PhD) at the National University of Management, student must possess:

  • a master's degree from NUM; or a master’ degree/equivalent degree from any other university recognized by NUM and accredited by the Ministry of Education Youth and Sport with grade of at least B;
  • a completed application form with three letters of recommendation;
  • an official master’s transcript
  • a summary of curriculum vitae with work experiences;
  • a minimum of 500 score report for the Test of English as a Foreign Language (TOEFL) or an evidence of proficiency in the use of English language;
  • an evidence of proficiency in the use of information technology for supporting research; and
  • a preliminary research proposal with 3 to 5 pages 

III. Selection Process

There are two steps in selection process:

  • Admission of applicants will be based on the evaluation of document requirements;
  • The evaluation of the defense of preliminary research proposal.

IV. Degree Requirements

The NUM’s doctoral student must satisfy the following requirements: 

  1. Three years of work beyond the master's degree, with one and half years course works and one and half years research works.
  2. Completion of a minimum of 54 credits (21 credits of course works and 33 credits of research works for PhD) and (27 credits of course works and 27 credits of research works for DBA) with a minimum grade of B.
  3. The student is required to take a series of core which are designed to provide an introduction to theories and approaches relevant for advanced courses and to lay basis foundations for subsequent dissertation research.
  4. The student is expected to master the literature and techniques in a choosing major area such as management, economics, finance, marketing, entrepreneurship and tourism, to be prepared to write an acceptable dissertation, and performance research of high quality.
  5. The student must pass two written examination: core course examination and major area of concentration examination with a minimum grade of B.
  6. The student has to attend national and international seminars and participate in presentation.
  7. The student has to write the articles for publishing in local or international journals.
  8. The student must complete a dissertation. The dissertation must show mastery of the literature and techniques, be written in creditable literary form, and represent a contribution to knowledge in the area of study.
  9. The student must successfully defend the completed dissertation in a public oral examination.

V. Grading Policy

Students will be evaluated throughout each semester based on course works and research works given out during each semester.

The grade systems awarded by the National University of Management are:

Grade             Score               Grade Point               Description

A         =          85 – 100          4.00                             Excellent

A-        =          80 – 84            3.67                             Very Good

B+       =          75 – 79            3.33                             Good

B         =          70 – 74            3.00                             Fairly Good

B-        =          65 – 69            2.67                             Almost Good

C+       =          60 – 64            2.33                             Fair

C         =          55 – 59            2.00                             Almost Fair

C-        =          50 – 54            1.67                             Poor

D         =          45 – 49            1.33                             Very Poor

F          =            0 – 39            1.00                             Failure

I           =                                                                     Incomplete

A student registered in a specific course for credit, must have attended at least 80% of a class session, otherwise a grade of “F” is assigned to the student’s record. A grade “F” can also be given to students who do not take the final examination for a subject for which he has registered.

To be awarded the degree of Philosophy Doctor (PhD) or the degree of Doctor of Business Administration (DBA), a student must fulfill all requirements and pass the examination for all subjects as determined by the program of study and obtain a grade average of at least B. 

VI. Period of Study

The minimum period for full-time study is six (6) semesters and maximum is twelve (12) semesters and sixteen (16) months for part-time study.

This period is divided into two phases:

First Phase: Coursework Period

During this period students will take methodological courses to develop their quantitative and qualitative analytical skills, including a full range of methodologies: field research, case studies, simulations and experimental research.

Throughout the first year and a half students will complete a total of 7 courses:  2 core or fundamental, 3 major courses and 2 elective courses for PhD and 9 courses: 2 core or fundamental, 5 major courses and 2 elective courses for DBA. These courses are designed to build the kind of research skills that are critical to the development of a high-quality managers, researchers and teachers for public and private sectors. At the successful competition of this period students will undergo a comprehensive exam that will qualify them to start their dissertation preparation.

Second Phase: Research Period

During this period students are required to work on Supervised Research Projects with a faculty member, and to defend research proposal orally before a committee. At the end of the first part of the program, this committee evaluates the theoretical and practical contribution of the proposed research project as well as the suitability of the methodology to conduct the research. Students who successfully defend their dissertation proposal are transferred to PhD/DBA Candidate status and are expected to complete their dissertation work within 18 months. At the end of each semester of the second part of the program the same committee also evaluates the candidate’s progress of the dissertation.

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