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I. Master Programs

      1. Introduction

Master’s programs offered by the School of Graduate Studies of the National University of Management focus on the Master of Business Administration (MBA), Master of Art (MA) Master of Public Administration (MPA) and Master of Information Technology (MSc). The programs cover all the disciplines that students need to know in order to understand business management and perfect skills as a manager and entrepreneur. The programs cover major in Management, Finance, Accounting, Economics, Marketing, Tourism, Public Administration and Information Technology.

      2. Program Objective 

  1. To prepare students for management leadership in public and private organizations;
  2. To provide students with the managerial skills necessary to make and implement decisions the program aims at developing the student’s ability to work effectively with others;
  3. To stimulate receptiveness to new ideas and new ways of approaching problems; and
  4. To meet the challenges and demands of management and business in the future.

      3. Admission Requirements

Applicants for the masters program must possess:

  1. a bachelor’s degree with honors or its equivalent from any other University recognized by the Ministry of Education Youth and Sport; or
  2. a bachelor’s degree and at least three years continuous working experience at post-degree level; or
  3. any other equivalent qualification recognized by the Ministry of Education Youth and Sport
  4. all applicants must pass the national entrant examination with at least two courses: English and major course

      4. Program Study

To qualify for the degree of Master of Business Administration (MBA), Master of Art (MA), Master of Public Administration (MPA), or Master of Information Technology (MSc), student must satisfactorily complete a minimum of 57 Credits with a minimum 20 pages of research paper.

The course structures for the programs are:

      1. Basic Courses                                15 credits

      2. Major Courses                                18 credits

      3. Elective Courses                             12 credits

      4. Integrative Courses                          12 credits

                Total                                        57 credits

Basic Courses: Basic Courses are common courses designed to provide fundamental knowledge for students from different backgrounds in order to effective study of the program’s majors. These courses are bridging for MBA, MA and MPA at the National University of Management. Students are all majors required to take basic courses for first semester with totally of 15 credits.

Major Courses: Courses designed to provide students with knowledge and competence in areas of specialization such as accounting, marketing, economics, tourism, public administration, international business and business law. Total credits for major courses are 18 credits.

Elective Courses: Courses require students to achieve both breadth of knowledge across disciplines and depth of knowledge in a particular major. Students are free to choose their particular electives from among a wide range of courses offered by the school of graduate studies of the national university of management. Totally for elective courses are 12 credits.  

Integrative Courses: Courses designed to provide students with advanced knowledge in the major area of studies and to develop their capability in analyzing problems from an overall viewpoint in the context of major specialization. Integrative courses are used for comprehensive examination. There are two options for master’s students in their graduation at the national university of management: either doing a research thesis or taking comprehensive exam with minimum 20-pages research paper. There are 12 credits for integrative courses.

Research Paper: All master students are required to complete writing a research paper of a minimum 20 pages in a particular area before comprehensive examination. It is paper driven exploration of thoughtful reading on a particular subject and the reading material may come from several sources. The purpose is to find and compile data, to participate in an exploration of the data, to make original observations, to show relationships between data, and to make evaluations on a major subject.

      5. Grading Policy

Students will be evaluated throughout each semester based on coursework (essay, projects, practical work, tests and other assignments) given out during each semester. The grade systems awarded by the School of Graduate Studies at the National University of Management are:

Grade             Score               Grade Point               Description

A         =          85 – 100          4.00                             Excellent

A-        =          80 – 84            3.67                             Very Good

B+       =          75 – 79            3.33                             Good

B         =          70 – 74            3.00                             Fairly Good

B-        =          65 – 69            2.67                             Almost Good

C+       =          60 – 64            2.33                             Fair

C         =          55 – 59            2.00                             Almost Fair

C-        =          50 – 54            1.67                             Poor

D         =          45 – 49            1.33                             Very Poor

F          =            0 – 39            1.00                             Failure

I           =                                                                     Incomplete

To be awarded the degree of Master at the National University of Management, a student must fulfill all requirements and pass the examination for all courses as determined by the program of study and obtain a grade average of at least B.

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