International Economics (iBA)

This major provides students with insight of micro and macro aspects of economics and analytical skills to prepare them with a better understanding of the business environment and strategies to compete in the global business world. Benefits of this major:

  • Develop strong ability to analyze the role of economics on both political and social levels
  • Gain deep understanding for the importance of economics globally
  • Emphasize an excellent communication skills

Career Opportunities: Students in this major have the opportunity to work in multinational corporations, local and national government, public and private banks, financial consultancies as professional economists, financial analysts, stocker broker, business manager, statistician etc.,


Course Curriculum:

  Year 2 Students:   Semester 3

  Year 2 Students:   Semester 4

  • Intermediate Microeconomics
  • Research Methodology
  • Cambodian Economy
  • Financial Markets and Institution
  • Statistics
  • Intermediate Macroeconomics
  • Taxation
  • Foundation of Econometrics
  • Industrial Policy & Organization
  • Agricultural Economics

  Year 3 Students:   Semester 5

  Year 3 Students:   Semester 6

  • International Trade and Policy
  • Monetary Theory and Policy
  • Financial Economics
  • Public Finance
  • Quantitative Research Method
  • History of Economic Thought
  • Costs-Benefits Analysis
  • International Finance
  • Logistics Economics
  • Economic Management & Policy

  Year 4 Students:   Semester 7

  Year 4 Students:   Semester 8

  • Economic Development
  • Economics for Globalization and Development
  • Economic Policy Issues
  • Policy Impact Evaluation Methods
  • Economics for Innovation and Entrepreneurship
  • Research Seminar
  • Research Proposal Development
  • Team Internships
  • Research Paper and Presentation