Master of Marketing(MKT)


Program Learning Outcomes

MBA in Marketing is designed to provide a broad foundation in marketing concepts, and practices in the contemporary context. By the end of this program, students will be able to develop and implement integrated marketing programs, to work closely with managers in other functional areas and to make marketing decisions that facilitate the organization in achieving its objectives. Students are required to complete 48 credit hours that comprising of 12 credits for basic core courses, 15 credits for major core courses, 9 credits for elective courses, and 12 credits for integrative courses and research paper or research thesis.


Code               Course Title                                                                              Credit                                 

Basic Courses                                                                                              12 credits

ECO501         Applied Statistics & Forecasting                                 (3)

MKT505         Business-to-Business Marketing                                (3)

MGT501         Management and Organization Development            (3)

MKT501         Marketing Management & Strategy                            (3)

Major Core Courses                                                                                    15 credits

              MKT516         Consumer Behavior                                                    (3)

              MKT517         Advanced Marketing Research                                  (3)

              MKT614         Advertising and Sales Promotion                               (3)

              MKT613         Digital Marketing                                                         (3)

              MKT612         New Product Management                                         (3)

Elective Courses                                                                                            9 credits

              MGT616         Total Quality Management                                          (3)

              MKT602         Communication and Public Opinions                          (3)

              MKT624         International Marketing                                               (3)

              MGT621         Research Methodology                                               (3)

ACT501         Interactive and Direct Marketing                                  (3)

             MKT523         Brand Management                                                     (3)

Final Semester (3 options)

Option I:        Final Exam. (3 courses + Paper)                                          12 credits

              MKT615         Sales Management                                                      (3)

              MKT611         Consumer Relationship Management                          (3)

              MKT616         Strategic Marketing Planning                                       (3)

              MKT617       Research Paper                                                             (3)

Option II:      Project (2 courses + Project)                                                 12 credits

              MKT618:       Research Project                                                          (6)

Option III:     Thesis (No course + Thesis)                                                 12 credits

              MKT619         Research Thesis                                                          (12)                


Total                                                                                                               48 credits