Master of Accounting (MAC)


Program Learning Outcomes

Master of Accounting is designed to develop highly competent accountants who are knowledgeable in financial processes and procedures, and fully prepared for entry into the demanding accounting profession, one of fastest growing industries. By the end of program, students are well equipped with appropriate professional skills in accounting to successfully obtain employment in accounting firms, companies and public agencies. Students are required to complete 48 credit hours that comprising of 12 credits for basic core courses, 15 credits for major core courses, 9 credits for elective courses, and 12 credits for integrative courses and research paper or research project or research thesis.


Code               Course Title                                                           Credit                                   

Basic Courses                                                                                            12 credits

ACT501         Financial & Cost Accounting                                      (3)

ECO501         Applied Statistics & Forecasting                                (3)

LAW524        Corporate & Business Law                                         (3)                  

MGT501         Management and Organization Development  (3)

Major Courses                                                                                              15 credits

ACT611         Accounting for Business                                             (3)

ACT612         Auditing Theory and Practices                                    (3)

ACT514         Tax Aspect & Business Environment                          (3)

ACT613         Advanced Financial Accounting                                  (3)

ACT622         Accounting & Information System                               (3)

Elective Courses                                                                                            9 credits

ACT614         Performance Management & Analysis                        (3)

ACT503         Management Accounting                                            (3)

FIN512           Corporate Finance                                                       (3)

MGT528         Governance, Risk, and Ethics                                     (3)

FIN525           International Financial Management                            (3)

MGT621         Research Methodology                                               (3)

MKT501         Marketing Management & Strategy                            (3)

Final Semester (3 options)

Option I:        Final Exam. (3 courses + Paper)                                          12 credits

ACT614         Corporate Accounting & Reports                                (3)

ACT616         Advanced Financial Management                               (3)

ACT615         Accounting for Merge & Acquisition                            (3)

ACT617         Research Paper                                                          (3)

Option II:      Project (2 courses + Project)                                                  12 credits

ACT618:        Research Project                                                                      (6)

Option III:     Thesis (No course + Thesis)                                                 12 credits

            ACT619         Research Thesis                                                          (12)                                                    

Total                                                                                                               48 credits