Program Learning Outcomes

The Master of Bank Management (MBM) is designed for senior-level banking management as well as students who acquire knowledge and develop skills and abilities necessary to lead and manage banks, within a focused and structured environment. After successful completion of this program, students will have knowledge and understanding of the different types of risks and banks face and how to measure them, knowledge of the economic roles and banking structures, and understanding of company financial statements. The MBM program is delivered over 24 months. Students will complete 48 credit hours comprising of 36 credits for basic core courses, major courses and elective courses and 12 credits for integrative courses and research paper or project or thesis.


Code               Course Title                                                           Credit                     

Basic Courses                                                                                            12 credits

MBM501        Financial Accounting                                                  (3)

MBM502        Managerial Economics                                               (3)

MBM503        Quantitative Methods in Business                              (3)

MBM504        Marketing of Bank Services                                        (3)

Major Courses                                                                                              15 credits

MBM613        E-Banking & Digital Bank                                           (3)

MBM512        Financial Management                                               (3)

MBM511        Financial Institutions                                                   (3)

MBM515        Entrepreneurial Finance                                             (3)

MBM616        Portfolio Investment Analysis                                     (3)

MBM614        Banking Law & Practices                                            (3)

Elective Courses                                                                                           9 credits

MBM521        Central Bank Management                             

MBM524        Corporate Governance & Social Responsibility          (3)

MBM626        Treasury Management                                     (3)      

MBM523        Law of Commercial Transactions                                (3)

MBM621        Research Methodology                                               (3)

Final Semester (3 options)

Option I:        Final Exam. (3 courses + Paper)                                          12 credits       

MBM611        Commercial Bank Management                                  (3)      

MBM612        Banking and Risk Management                                  (3)

MBM615        Foreign Trade & Exchange                                         (3)

MBM617        Research Paper                                                          (3)

Option II:      Project (2 courses + Project)                                               12 credits

             MBM618:       Research Project                                                          (6)

Option III:     Thesis (No course + Thesis)                                                 12 credits

             MBM619        Research Thesis                                                          (12)                


Total                                                                                                               48 credits