Master of Information Technology (MIT)


 Program Learning Outcomes

Master of Information Technology is designed to provide competent graduates that meet the IT needs of the business world. The Program will equip students to deal with major organizational information systems challenges such as assessing information needs at different levels within an organization, designing systems, creating information systems architecture that aligns with the goals and mission of the organization. Students are required to complete 48 credit hours that comprising of 12 credits for basic core courses, 15 credits for major core courses, 9 credits for elective courses, and 12 credits for integrative courses and research paper or research project or research thesis.


Code               Course Title                                                            Credit                                    

Basic Courses                                                                                              12 credits

MIT 501         O-Oriented Application Development                        (3)

MIT502          O-Oriented System Analysis                                      (3)

MIT511          Artificial Intelligence                                                    (3)

ECO501         Applied Statistic for Management                              (3)

Major Courses                                                                                             15 credits

MIT517          Technology Infrastructure of IS                                  (3)

MIT514          Web-Based Application Design                                  (3)

             MIT611          Data Warehousing & Mining                                       (3)

             MIT612          Software Engineering                                                 (3)

             MIT614          Info Tech. for E-commerce                                         (3)

Elective Courses                                                                                           9 credits

MIT515          Management and Systems Modeling                         (3)

             MIT512          Network System Security                                            (3)

MIT621          Decision Support Systems                                          (3)

MIT521          Business Process Management                                  (3)

             MIT 621         Geographical Information Systems                              (3)

             MGT602         Research Method in IT                                                (3)

MGT507         Organizational Behavior                                              (3)

Final Semester (3 options)

Option I:        Final Exam. (3 courses + Paper)                                          12 credits

             MIT623          Oracle                                                                          (3)

             MIT613          Global IT Project Management                                    (3)

MIT615          Data Communication                                                   (3)

             MIT617          Research Paper                                                           (3)      

Option II:      Project (2 courses + Project)                                                12 credits

MIT618:         Research Project                                                                       (6)

Option III:     Thesis (No course + Thesis)                                                 12 credits

            MIT619          Research Thesis                                                          (12)                                                    

Total                                                                                                               48 credits