Program Learning Objectives

The Master of Sciences (MSc) in Environmental Management is designed to provide students with the tools and techniques to navigate the business aspects of environmental management. After successful completion of this program, students will be able to assess and convey the business, ethical and legal information to those who make or are affected by the decisions that shape our natural resources and environment. Students will complete 48 credit hours comprising of 36 credits for basic core courses, major courses and elective courses and 12 credits for integrative courses and research paper or project or thesis.


Code               Course Title                                                             Credit                      

Basic Courses                                                                                              12 credits

ENM501         Principles of Environmental Management                   (3)

ENM502         Natural Resource Management                                   (3)

ENM503         Environmental Economics                                           (3)

ENM504         Environmental Law and Policy                                     (3)

Major Courses                                                                                             15 credits

ENM512         Management of Land and Water Resources                (3)

MGT513         Operations & Project Management                              (3)

ENM612         Environmental Risk Management and Strategy           (3)

ENM616         Economic Analysis of Natural Resource Mgt.              (3)

ENM613         Management of Air Quality                                          (3)

Elective Courses                                                                                           9 credits

ENM622         Environment, Culture and Society                               (3)

ENM623         Industrial Ecology and Sustainability                           (3)

ENM626         Urban Environmental Problems                                  (3)

ENM527         Resource Economics                                                   (3)

ENM624         Environmental Science                                                (3)

             ENM621         Research Methodology                                               (3)

ENM522         Environmental Accounting                                          (3)

Final Semester (3 options)

Option I:        Final Exam. (3 courses + Paper)                                          12 credits       

ENM614         Advance Environmental Benefit-Cost Analysis          (3)      

ENM611         Resource and Environmental Policy                           (3)

ENM615         Waste Management and Pollution Control                 (3)

ENM617         Research Paper                                                          (3)

Option II:      Project (2 courses + Project)                                               12 credits

              ENM618:       Research Project                                                          (6)

Option III:     Thesis (No course + Thesis)                                                 12 credits

              ENM619         Research Thesis                                                          (12)                                                                                                                  

Total                                                                                                               48 credits