Doctor of Business Administration


 Program Objective

The DBA Program normally requires three years of intensive study beyond the master's degree. The program focuses on developing competent scholars, heavy emphasis is placed on the development of both teaching and researching skills. The Program seeks to educate future management researchers and teachers who generate new knowledge to advance understanding of their major fields and Improve management practice by teaching excellence and creating innovative educational strategies. DBA students are required to complete a minimum of 54 credits (27 credits of course works and 27 credits of research works) with a minimum grade of B+. The minimum period for full-time study is six (6) semesters and maximum is twelve (12) semesters and sixteen (16) months for part-time study.

Code               Course Title                                                                           Credit            

Course works                                                                                                27 credits         

Basic Courses

DBA701​​​​​         Statistics for Management                                           (3)

DBA702         Economics Foundations for Management                   (3)


Major Courses

DBA703​​​         Research Methods for Management                            (3)

DBA812         Marketing Theory & Practice                                        (3)

DBA714         Financial Management and Accounting                       (3)      

DBA811         Organizational Theory & Behavior                               (3)

DBA713         Strategic Management & Corporate Governance        (3)


Elective Courses

DBA823         International Business                                                  (3)

DBA824         Change Management and Consulting Strategies         (3)

Research Works                                                                                27 credits


             DBA815         Proposal Writing & Defense                                      (3)

             DBA911         Article Writings & Publication (2 articles)                  (6)      

             DBA912         Seminar in Business Management (2 times)            (6)

DBA913         Dissertation Writing & Defense                                  (12)

Total                                                                                                               54 Credits