Program Objective

The program is designed to advance human resource development in Cambodia and achieve a high level of academic instruction in major field that meet regional and global standards. The program enables students to complete an extensive, independent research project under the supervision of an expert academic. When completed this research should make a valuable contribution to the current body of knowledge on a chosen topic. PhD students are required to complete a minimum of 54 credits (21 credits of course works and 33 credits of research works) with a minimum grade of B+. The minimum period for full-time study is six (6) semesters and maximum is twelve (12) semesters and sixteen (16) months for part-time study.

             Code               Course Title                                                              Credit                 

Course works                                                                                   21 Credits


Basic Courses                                                                                               


PHD701          Advanced Statistics for Analysis                                 (3)

PHD702          Advanced Research Methodology                              (3)

Major Courses                                                                                             

PHD713          Doctoral Dissertation Seminar                                    (3)

PHD811          Qualitative Research Methods                                    (3)

             PHD812          Quantitative Research Methods                                  (3)                                                           

Elective Courses                                                                                           

PHD821          Seminar in Literature Review                                      (3)

PHD823          Special Independent Studies                                      (3)

Research works                                                                                33 Credits


             PHD815          Proposal Writing & Defense                                       (3)

PHD911          Article Writings & Publication (2 articles)                   (6)      

            PHD912          Seminar/Conference (2 times)                                    (6)

            PHD913          Dissertation Writing & Final Defense                          (18)                     

Total                                                                                                                 54 Credits

Note: Student will be required to attend some master courses if supervisor wants him/her to more understand in the research field. But no any credits include in the PhD program